Fiber Cement Paint

Rothenburg Fiber Cement Paint is produced from 100% pure Acrylic and high quality pigment powder. This product is specially developed for fiber cement products such as siding, lattice, fence, and all types of fiber cement boards. It provides good adhesion strength and excellent color.Our product’s standard has been accepted from worldwide leader fiber cement paint manufacturers.


Product features / benefits

– Excellent adhesion

– Withstand to severe weather conditions

– UV resistance

– Self-Cleanning technology

– Anti-fungus and lichens

– Does not contain lead and mercury, so it is safe to users and environment

– Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

– Available in transparent and opaque shades. Transparent colors enhances natural grain and make fiber cement materials to look

similar to natural wood while opaque colors provide excellent coverage

Typical uses

Suitable for fiber cement siding, including lattice, fence, and all types of fiber cement board.

Application Method

Step 1: Surface Preparation

± Old Surface

–  Clean the surface to be free from oil, dust and other foreign matters

± New Surface

–  Entirely remove old coatings and clean up the surface

± Check the surface to find any nail holes, nicks, cuts or gaps, and  fix them with Rothenburg Wood Filler

Step 2: Primer Application

±  Stir the product before use or so stir paint every 10 minutes to keep it from settling

±  Apply 1 coat of Fiber Cement Primer by using a brush or a roller

–  Primer is available in 2 colors: Cream and Grey

– Cream Primer should be applied prior when color of topcoat is Teak or Golden Teak.  Grey Pimer can be applied with other colors as topcoat

Step 3: Topcoat Application

±  Stir the product before use or so stir paint every 10 minutes to keep it from settling

±  Then, apply 2-3 topcoats or until you get the color desired .  Use a soft brush and move the brush along the fiber cement grain


When the brush is nearly dry, should not move the brush forward-backward to avoid brush marks.

Must not mix thinner into water-based paint

Technical data


Specific Gravity




    Coverage       (sq. meter/gal/coat)

Drying Time (normal weather condition)

Touch Dry

Painting Interval



1.10 – 1.20


Brush, roller and spray

10-15% of water

30 – 35

20 – 30 min

1 – 2 hrs.

4 – 6 hrs.


1.00 – 1.10

Gloss / Matt

Brush and spray

Less than 5% of water

50 – 60



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