ROTHENBURG TEX CO., LTD. started in 2004 to design, produce and install roof tile machine, coating machine and other related machines. Additional ROTHENBURG TEX CO., LTD. have joined venture with ETEX GROUP (BELGIUM) to establish ROTHENBURG F A R CO., LTD. which produces water-based paints to supply roof tile industries and related industries.

Our staffs are well educated and experienced who consist of both Thai and Germany engineers. So we can develop the machines to be suitable and efficiency with the most productivity and cost reduction.

Our company operates under the principles of good corporate governance, product innovation and services to meet our customers’ requirement and satisfaction. With these principles, our company can grow up and expand continuously.


” To be the leader of designing, production and installation of machine in Asia “

  • Provide the best quality of production, installation and service.
  • Provide customer’s satisfaction.
  • Moving forward to leadership and innovation.