Decking Fiber Cement Shield

Rothenburg Water-based Decking Fiber Cement Paint is developed from the latest technology, Polymer Crosslink, from German.


Product features / benefits

– Easy application, within 2 steps: primer and coat

– Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

– Does not contain lead and mercury, so safe to users and environment

– Consist of ‘Polymer Crosslink’, high technology from German

– High quality film

– High scuff and water resistance

– UV resistance, so help extending timber’s beauty better than solvent-based for 4 times

– Shade of transpanrent gives natural beauty of timber

Application method

Step1: Surface preparation

New surface : Clean the surface to be free from oil, dust and other foreign matters

Old surface : Sand out all old paint film and clean the surface

Step2: Stiring

Stir the product before use

Step3: Coat application

After apply 1 coat of Decing Fiber Cement Primer, apply 2-3 coats of Decking Fiber Cement Paint until you are satified with the color. Brush should be soft, and paint along the length of fiber cement.  For each recoat, leave it to dry about 1-2 hours for the next recoat.

Technical data






(sq. meter/gal/coat)

Drying Time

Surface Dry

Dry to recoat

Dry to usable

Transparent primer


Brush or Roller

Reay to use

50 – 60

30 – 40 mins

4 – 6 hours


Gloss & Matt


Reay to use


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